• Schmidt BioMedTech Hong Kong

    The beginning of Schmidt BioMedTech stretches back to the formation of the Schmidt Group in Tokyo in 1896 by Mr. Paul Schmidt. In 1931 the Schmidt Group opened its doors in Hong Kong. As a key member of the Group, Schmidt BioMedTech (H.K.) Ltd. established itself as the leading integrated solution provider in the fields of BioScience, Medical and Technology.
    In 2001, the Schmidt Group was streamlined into three independent Business Enterprises: resulting in the formation of Schmidt BioMedTech Asia Ltd.
    Schmidt BioMedTech (H.K.) Ltd. has been an integral part of the Hong Kong & Macau business communities for more than half a century, and is currently a leading integrated solution provider in the fields of BioScience, Medical and Technology. Our Corporate mission is to be the number one value-added integrated solution provider in the fields of BioSciences, Medical and Technology by meeting the ever changing needs of our customers through marketing as well as providing innovative customized total solutions, hi-technology products and services. 

    Schmidt BioMedTech (H.K.) Ltd. covers both the Hong Kong and Macau markets with sales and marketing offices located in Hong Kong. It is divided into various sales groups with experienced sales engineers specializing in operating theatre apparatus, critical care instruments, radiology equipment, clinical laboratory products and analytical systems. Increasing specialization and extensive on-going training for sales staff became necessary as a result of new developments, especially those in medical electronics and computer technology with promised possibilities in improved diagnosis and treatment. 

    Our customers include all the key private and public hospitals, EMSD, medical centers, laboratories, pharmacies, R&D institutions and universities. Our strong relationships and wide-ranging networks in the market provide excellent market access and market coverage for our principals’ products.

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