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    A.      Transcranial Doppler

    1.       EMS-9UA


    ∙             Produces a powerful, high resolution (128 depths combined into 4000 gates) M-Mode display, with Doppler signals simultaneously displayed along the ultrasound beam at varying depths. Up to 8 spectra at various depths can be simultaneously displayed with the M-Mode display

    ∙             Real-time recording of examinations can be fully stored as raw data and replayed – spectrum (including multi-depth spectrums) + sound + M-Mode + related events (including HITS events). Enhanced Dynamic M-Mode for all the probes and the study types allows reviewing spectra and re-calculating indices offline for all depths of the M-Mode window. This review function is generally not available on other TCD machines.  The Doppler raw data can be saved as an AVI media file which can be easily transported and used on any PC

    ∙             The maximum detectable velocity is up to 750cm/s for the MCA at depth of 50mm. This eliminates the anti aliasing problem present in most TCD units and improves the accuracy for measuring high velocity for vasospasm patients

    ∙             The EMS-9UA is a real 2- channel device; all the control parameters including Depth, Gain, Gate, AMPL and Scale can be adjusted independently

    ∙             Advanced digital technology with improved detection sensitivity. The system can detect and obtain vessel signals quickly with high quality spectra even working at very low power and small sample volume (≤2mm), which also improves the accuracy for vessel localization, reliability for vessel identification especially working in the Multi-depth mode

    ∙             The EMS-9UA has a configurable GUI (General User Interface), for all examination protocols and procedures. Settings can be predefined according to user’s needs. This insures easy operation, printing of custom patient reports and storage and retrieval of data

    2.       EMS-9PB


    ∙             Most Portable and Integrated TCD System on the World

    ∙             "All-in-One” Device: Portable and flexible for different clinical uses, especially for mobile applications

    ∙             Touch Screen Operation: High resolution TFT touch screen with user-friendly software provides for ease of operation

    ∙             Most Sensitive Doppler: With advanced digital technology, the system can detect vessel signals easily and obtain high quality spectra even working at very low power with improved safety

    ∙             Higher Velocity Limit: The maximum detectable velocity is up to 750cm/s for the MCA at depth 50mm ; it eliminates the anti aliasing problem for patients with a very high blood flow velocity

    ∙             High Resolution: Up to 8 spectral windows displayed simultaneously,128 depths combined into 4000 gates

    ∙             Professional Embolus Detection Program: With an improved algorithm, the accuracy and reliability of HITS detection are superior to other TCD instruments

    ∙             Powerful Statistics Function: The DTCD8100 program includes different interfaces for statistical analysis, which provides convenient data reduction for clinical research

    ∙             Powerful Flexible Report Formats: The report system of EMS-9PB can generate reports in BMP, JPG, PNG, XML, PDF, DOC, XLS,TXT  and etc. 

    B.      Transcranial Color Doppler



    ∙             MVU-6202 is a new generation of multi-functional vascular ultrasound system

    ∙             Digital Transcranial Doppler (TCD) with Carotid Duplex System: Complete Solution for Neurosonology Laboratory  

    ∙             It integrates Delica’s full digital imaging technology and innovative ultrasound scanner technologies in the world

    ∙             Touch screen operation for ease of use

    P.S. No EEG 


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