• Strength

    Our Past

    The history and origins of SCHMIDT BioMedTech stretches back to 1896. As a key member of the Schmidt Group of Companies, our reputation in the BioScience, Medical and Technology sectors in the Asia Pacific Region is well established.

    Our Present

    We have a strong and solid presence in Asia Pacific Region, divided into three regions:

    Group 1 – China, Hong Kong/Macau and Vietnam
    Group 2- Malaysia & Thailand
    Group 3- Singapore, Indonesia & the Philippines

    Being a long established distribution engineering company, SCHMIDT BioMedTech carries a very broad and diversified range of products.

    SCHMIDT BioMedTech today is no longer only a distributor but a very technical and solution oriented company with a strong engineering background and extensive service capabilities, supplying equipment from industrialized countries all over the world.

    Our Future

    The health care and scientific market in Asia Pacific is facing the same challenges as the rest of the world in terms of meeting an ongoing process of containing costs, improving medical care and ensuring the accessibility of medical care to a large cross-section of the population. With a solid business base and a team of dedicated professional sales staff, application specialists and service engineers, SCHMIDT BioMedTech is well positioned to meet these challenges and capitalize on the substantial market opportunities in Asia Pacific.

    Our Commitment

    We are committed to support the development of Asian countries and to be environmentally conscious in all aspects of our business.

    SCHMIDT BioMedTech remains committed to keeping abreast with technological developments and is well positioned to meet the demands of the market in line with our business.

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