• Schmidt Vietnam JSC

    Schmidt Vietnam JSC was established in 1992 as the result of a long, continual participation of Schmidt Group in providing technical aid and assistance to hundreds of Vietnamese hospitals and clinics since 1966.
    Today the Biomedical and Imaging Departments of Schmidt Vietnam are highly technical departments that provide sophisticated equipment such as ICU ward equipment, diagnostic X-rays, ultrasound equipment, computerized anesthesia machines, lasers, CT-scanners, radiotherapy equipment and clinical laboratory equipment. The departments represent selected principals making quality instruments and apparatus for clinics, laboratories, universities and research institutes.
    Finding our strength through many years of marketing and promoting bio-medical hi-tech equipment, Schmidt Vietnam has achieved great success and is now maintaining the leading position in supporting healthcare, bioscience and technology in the whole country. Fulfilling the supporting mission excellently, we are experts at gathering technical professionals in a dedicated team for handling various projects, with the objective of meeting the ever changing needs of our customers. With our skillful team, our emphasis is on providing a high level of integrated services from pre-project consultation to site preparation, product installation as well as application support and start-up training.
    Over the years, Schmidt Vietnam has built long-lasting relationships with the Ministry of Health and hospitals all over the country. Seminars and workshops are conducted regularly for exchanging new technology, consulting healthcare methods and enhancing the special cooperation between Schmidt Vietnam and the Vietnamese authorities.
    We are committed to further delivering innovative solutions and outstanding support to the development of foreign and local enterprises in a fast growing Vietnamese economy with many challenges and opportunities, and thereby upgrading the overall healthcare among the Vietnamese people.

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